We lift a strong voice for youth and communities

Protecting the youth of Texas from the harmful effects of substance misuse requires education and leadership. With facts, data, and ongoing research on our side, we speak up and give others the tools they need to act. designed by Asier_Relampagoestudio -</a>


We empower youth to take the lead

Our mission comes to life through our Youth Leadership Council. This group of dynamic high school and college students comes together to work on programs to prevent substance misuse among their peers. We provide the guidance, support, and resources they need to make a true difference for their generation.


We give parents knowledge and confidence

Talking to your children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use can be a challenge, but it is one of the most powerful conversations you can have as a parent. We have facts, tools, and strategies to help you and your family make important decisions.


13 yrs old

The average age Texan Kids have their first drink of alcohol


Texas Middle & High School students say they've used alcohol in the past month.


of Texas high school students ride with a driver who has been drinking

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