The Advantages of Collaboration

Standing strong for Texas youth is a mission we truly believe in, and one we want everyone to embrace. By working together, we can protect the most vulnerable Texans from the effects and consequences of substance use.

Coalitions are about coming together to achieve a goal—fortunately we’re not standing alone; there are many coalitions across the state that you can be a part of.

How Coalitions Make a Difference

Coalitions help bring community members together to address both local and statewide problems. Building bridges between organizations is a critical step in preventing youth substance use and its associated consequences like impaired driving, addiction, increased dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and sexual assault. If you’re concerned about any of these issues, join up with a local coalition to make a difference.

In Texas, we have a number of coalitions working to prevent youth substance use. The tool provided here helps individuals and organizations connect and leverage resources to enhance prevention efforts.

Find a Coalition Near You