Strategic Prevention Framework

Laying the Foundation

Are you actually looking at the bigger picture? Strategic framework trainings help organizations develop the necessary components for sustainable success. 


Strategic Prevention Framework Details

Strategic Prevention Framework Overview

This training teaches the five steps of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) – assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, and evaluation - and how coalitions can utilize the SPF to achieve successful community initiatives. The training also highlights how sustainability and cultural competence are infused throughout the SPF process. Intervening variables, scaffolding, and environmental prevention are also discussed. Participants learn to identify key milestones and outputs for each SPF step, the importance of baseline data, and how to assess community readiness.

SPF Needs Assessment Training

During this training, participants learn how to conduct a needs assessment – the foundation for all of the following SPF steps - and how to develop a consequence-based logic model. The training covers basic components of a community needs assessment, the purpose of forming and using workgroups, and how to identify key milestones and outputs of an effective assessment process. Content addresses intervening variables, collecting state and local data, and the importance using data to tell a story.  

SPF Capacity Training

This training covers how to identify different levels of capacity building and allows participants to expand their knowledge of mobilizing resources, engaging stakeholders, and strengthening partnerships within their community. The content includes the nine stages of readiness and defines the three types of capacity: human, financial, and technological. During this interactive training, participants also work to identify gaps and develop a capacity plan. Note: This training typically requires a minimum of one full day, though it can be shortened to 4 hours with fewer interactive elements.

SPF Strategic Planning Training

During this training, participants build a strategic plan based on their data-driven logic model. Hands on instruction includes how to prioritize intervening variables, identify a data-driven measurable goal for each intervening variable, and determine evidence-based strategies to reach their goals. Note: This training requires a minimum of one full day.

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