Youth-Focused Training

Youth-Focused Training

How can any of us effect positive, sustainable change without working together with youth?

This training is focused on helping adults find the best strategies and means to effectively engage with youth in positive, successful ways—ways that support youth and encourage responsibility.


Youth Training Details

Establishing Effective Youth and Adult Partnerships

Effective youth-adult partnerships are a critical component for community change. This training provides a description of positive group characteristics and methods for improving youth engagement. Using TST’s Youth Leadership Council as an example, participants learn how to set group expectations, hold each other accountable, and hold effective meetings with youth members.

Alcohol Marketing and Youth: Evidence of a Problem

While many factors contribute to youth drinking, a growing body of research has found that exposure to alcohol marketing has significant effects on youth drinking behavior. This presentation examines the alcohol industry’s self-regulatory marketing practices, the effects of alcohol marketing on youth, the extent of youth exposure to alcohol ads, and what is happening at federal, state and local levels to address this issue.

Effects of Alcohol on the Adolescent Brain

This training educates participants about the effects of alcohol on the still-developing adolescent brain. Participants learn to communicate this information with different members of the community, from parents to policy-makers. As a result, they can better promote sound public policy and evidence-based strategies to reduce underage alcohol use.

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