Social Access Laws

Most Underage Drinkers Get Alcohol Socially

How can we stop Texas youth from using alcohol? Part of the answer is restricting access to alcohol in social settings. Texans for Safe and Drug-Free Youth fights for laws that reduce youth access to this harmful substance.


Social Harm

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance among youth, and most underage drinkers get alcohol socially from parties and friends. Limited or no supervision, combined with heavy drinking, creates an unsafe environment where problems beyond drinking and driving occur, such as:

  • Violence and assaults
  • Binge drinking and alcohol poisoning
  • Sexual assault
  • Unplanned sexual activity
  • Combination drug use
  • Property damage and vandalism

A local social host ordinance is a law that holds adults liable for underage drinking on their property and/or for providing alcohol to minors. Communities across the country pass such ordinances to ensure the health and safety of youth to reduce underage and risky drinking.

Learn more about social host ordinances and what you can do for your community. Read Social Host Ordinance Issue Brief Here.

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