Coalition Development & Sustainability

How Can We Help You Build Your Coalition?

Building coalitions requires thoughtful planning and an ongoing commitment to achieving shared goals. Our trainings helps groups identify goals, strategies and resources that will help them lay strong foundation for their growing coalitions.


Coalition Development & Sustainability Training Details

Coalition Building

This training focuses on methods that bring people together to achieve collective goals and provides a better understanding of how to build and sustain coalitions. Participants learn how to recruit and engage coalition members and organize effective meetings.

Strategic Planning for Coalitions

In order to achieve goals, strategic planning is essential for coalitions. Participants learn to develop strategic plans with timelines, goals, and job assignments. This training covers sustainability, fundraising, achieving goals, building capacity, recruiting and sustaining membership, identifying funding sources, and several other critical components for building a successful coalition.

Coalition Messaging

This training helps coalitions develop messaging that clearly communicates the group’s vision, mission, and goals. Participants will create and practice “elevator speeches” that they can use when promoting their coalition to the community or speaking with a parent, pastor, elected official, potential donor, or the press.

Sustainability Training

This training focuses on sustainability, which is a key element of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and a necessary component to all successful organizations and prevention efforts. Customized based on the needs and capacity of a particular coalition or organization, the training helps participants develop a plan for maintaining fiscal, human, physical, and social resources and creating positive community outcomes.

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